VFO magnetic encoder

I present you a silky smooth contactless VFO magnetic encoder, without any clicks or play in the rotational axis.

The VFO magnetic encoder consists of а hall effect sensor, neodymium magnet, stainless steel ball bearing, and an aluminium knob.

You can easy install VFO magnetic encoder to standard Chinese case for mcHF SDR radio.

VFO magnetic encoder installation manual (v1.02 Jan 23, 2021)

First, please read important information about operation of the VFO magnetic encoder in mcHF SDR radio:

VFO magnetic encoder generates 90 pulses per rotation (ppr).

However, due to peculiarity of the UHSDR Firmware your radio can handle only limited quantity of pulses per second (about 60).

Due to this bug of UHSDR FW for obtain of 90 ppr, you should rotate the encoder approximately 1.5-2 sec per one turn or slower. Otherwise the UHSDR FW may skip some of the pulses.

VFO magnetic encoder characteristics:

Knob diameter: 38 mm / 1.5 in

Knob height: 16 mm / 0.63 in

Weight: 36 g / 1,27 oz

Type: Non-Contacting Incremental Encoder

Resolution: 90 pulses per rotation (ppr)

Electrical Travel: Continuous

Supply Voltage: 5.0 VDC

Supply Current: 12 mA maximum

Output Voltage: 3.3 VDC


VFO magnetic encoder DIY KIT included:

- fully assembled and tested VFO magnetic encoder;

- all parts and wires you needs to install VFO magnetic encoder to mcHF SDR radio.

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